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Level up your skills directly from a pro near you!

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The Idea

Apprentice is an app that offers you the ability to level up your skills! Our platform offers hands-on, bitesize learning experiences where you can acquire new, measurable skills directly from a local pro.

The app is comprised of 3 components:

<aside> <img src="/icons/target_gray.svg" alt="/icons/target_gray.svg" width="40px" /> Apprentice: A learner who is paying to learn a measurable skill from an experienced individual (pro). 1:1 classes or small group experiences.

Pro: Someone who knows the subject and can mentor/teach/guide the learner by providing them hands on personable experience.

Experience: a teachable lesson that is measurable in accomplishment. Usually 1-2 hours long. Can be recurring.


Example Experiences

The Problem we’re trying to solve

There is a shortage of easily accessible and skilled individuals who can instruct on various skills. Many people have difficulty finding a local, proficient tutor or mentor who can teach specific, practical skills with real-world applications, such as car maintenance, cooking, home improvements, arts, wellness, and more.

The Why